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FRCS Trauma and Orthopaedics Viva
OUP Oxford (2012)

Based on the highly successful Oxford revision course, this book helps candidates prepare for the...

Subverting Empire: Deviance and Disorder in the British Colonial World

Subverting Empire

Deviance and Disorder in the British Colonial World

Palgrave Macmillan UK (2015)

Across their empire, the British spoke ceaselessly of deviants of undesirables, ne'er do wells,...

Bonkers Britain: What Drives You Nuts about Modern Life

Bonkers Britain

What Drives You Nuts about Modern Life

Summersdale Publishers Ltd (2017)

Having a good old moan about little everyday frustrations is a quintessential part of being British!...

Madness and marginality: The lives of Kenya's White insane

Madness and marginality

The lives of Kenya's White insane

Andrew Thompson, Will Jackson and 1 more...
Manchester University Press (2017)

Based on over 250 psychiatric case files, this book traces the lives of Kenya’s ‘white insane’ to...

Munchkin Vol. 5
Munchkin Series (No. 5)
BOOM! Box (2017)

Based on the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure, join Spyke and Flower as they compete in...

Munchkin #14
Munchkin Series (No. 14)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Dungeons, and monsters, and loot?oh my!

Munchkin #15
Munchkin Series (No. 15)
BOOM! Box (2016)

When Spyke dies on a dungeon run, he is sent to the deepest level of the lower planes reserved for...

Munchkin #19
Munchkin Series (No. 19)
BOOM! Box (2016)

To tie in with the release of Katie Cook's Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition card set from Steve...

Munchkin #18
Munchkin Series (No. 18)
BOOM! Box (2016)

In this issue, follow an intrepid FBI agent and his team as they raid a cult of Cthulhu. Everyone...

Munchkin #17
Munchkin Series (No. 17)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Spyke and Flower are on a dungeon crawl to see how many dungeons they can loot in a single night.