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War and Moral Dissonance

This collection of essays examines the moral, psychological and philosophical dilemmas posed by war.

Coastal and Estuarine Management

The coast cannot be left to nature to determine its fate. Wealth, property, economic interests,...

Cowboy Metaphysics: Ethics and Death in Westerns

Cowboy Metaphysics

Ethics and Death in Westerns

Peter French examines the world of the western, one in which death is annihilation, the culmination...

Scope of Morality

The scope of morality, Peter A. French contends, is much narrower than many traditional and...

Truth and its Deformities
Wiley (2009)

Truth and Its Deformities is the 32nd volume in the Midwest Studies in Philosophy series. It...

The Value of Time and Leisure in a World of Work

This book is concerned with how we should think and act in our work, leisure activities, and time...

War and Border Crossings: Ethics When Cultures Clash

War and Border Crossings

Ethics When Cultures Clash

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