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Ancient Loons: Stories Pingree Told Me

Ancient Loons

Stories Pingree Told Me

CRC Press (2016)

"Ah, I’m Pingree. We meet again. Splendid. Won’t you sit down?" I looked around David’s room. Short...

Mathematics & Common Sense: A Case of Creative Tension

Mathematics & Common Sense

A Case of Creative Tension

CRC Press (2006)

From the Preface: "This book is addressed to all who are curious about the nature of mathematics and...

Mathematics, Substance and Surmise: Views on the Meaning and Ontology of Mathematics

Mathematics, Substance and Surmise

Views on the Meaning and Ontology of Mathematics

Springer International Publishing (2015)

The seventeen thought-provoking and engaging essays in this collection present readers with a wide...

Methods of Numerical Integration
Elsevier Science (2014)

Methods of Numerical Integration, Second Edition describes the theoretical and practical aspects of...

Fascinating Mathematical People: Interviews and Memoirs
Princeton University Press (2011)

Fascinating Mathematical People is a collection of informal interviews and memoirs of sixteen...