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Confronting Right Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA
Taylor and Francis (2003)

This book examines the response to right-wing extremism in the US from both the government and...

Understanding Terrorism in America
Taylor and Francis (2002)

Christopher Hewitt's comprehensive book surveys the characteristics and causes of terrorism and...

Political Extremes: A conceptual history from antiquity to the present

Political Extremes

A conceptual history from antiquity to the present

Taylor and Francis (2009)

The Western tradition of the constitutional state, with its ancient roots, defines political...

New British Fascism: Rise of the British National Party

New British Fascism

Rise of the British National Party

Taylor and Francis (2011)

The British National Party (BNP) is the most successful far right party in British political...

The Politicisation of Migration
Taylor and Francis (2015)

Why are migration policies sometimes heavily contested and high on the political agenda? And why do...

On Extremism and Democracy in Europe
Taylor and Francis (2016)

On Extremism and Democracy in Europe is a collection of short and accessible essays on the far...

The Ideational Approach to Populism: Concept, Theory, and Analysis

The Ideational Approach to Populism

Concept, Theory, and Analysis

Taylor and Francis (2018)

Populism is on the rise in Europe and the Americas. Scholars increasingly understand populist forces...

Political Parties and Terrorist Groups
Taylor and Francis (2003)

What is the relationship between the political parties that embrace the democratic process and...

Western Democracies and the New Extreme Right Challenge
Taylor and Francis (2003)

By the turn of the 1990s, Western democracy appeared destined to become the universal governmental...

Extreme Right Parties in Scandinavia
Taylor and Francis (2014)

This book provides an up-to-date account of extreme right parties in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It...