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Irregular Migration and Human Security in East Asia
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Across East Asia, intra-regional migration is more prevalent than inter-regional movements, and the...

Lessons from the Asian Financial Crisis
Taylor and Francis (2008)

Nearly ten years after the Asian Financial Crisis, financial turmoil has reappeared – this time it...

East Asian Regionalism from a Legal Perspective: Current features and a vision for the future

East Asian Regionalism from a Legal Perspective

Current features and a vision for the future

Taylor and Francis (2009)

Plenty has been written about the political and economical aspects of regionalism, but the legal...

Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe: Shopping for Allies
Taylor and Francis (2007)

Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe examines Taiwan’s economic diplomacy towards post-communist states...

The Asia-Europe Meeting: The Theory and Practice of Interregionalism

The Asia-Europe Meeting

The Theory and Practice of Interregionalism

Taylor and Francis (2007)

Focusing on the economic, developmental, political and cultural issues of its member states, this...

Asian-European Relations: Building Blocks for Global Governance?

Asian-European Relations

Building Blocks for Global Governance?

Taylor and Francis (2008)

Interregional Relations are a novel field within international relations which have increasingly...

Taiwan's Environmental Struggle: Toward a Green Silicon Island
Taylor and Francis (2008)

Taiwan experienced a highly successful economic transformation in the last 50 years that produced...

Islamic Legitimacy in a Plural Asia
Taylor and Francis (2007)

A global debate has emerged within Islam about how to coexist with democracy. Even in Asia, where...

Taiwan's Relations with Mainland China: A Tail Wagging Two Dogs
Taylor and Francis (2008)

Taiwan's Relations with Mainland China is the first book to deal with the role of Taiwan’s...

The Politics of Civic Space in Asia: Building Urban Communities
Taylor and Francis (2008)

This book explores how and why civic spaces are used by different communities in Asia and what role...