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Geometric Numerical Integration: Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations

Geometric Numerical Integration (2nd ed.)

Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

This book covers numerical methods that preserve properties of Hamiltonian systems, reversible...

Numerical Modeling in Materials Science and Engineering
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

This book introduces the concepts and methodologies related to the modelling of complex phenomena...

Domain Decomposition Methods - Algorithms and Theory
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

This book offers a comprehensive presentation of some of the most successful and popular domain...

Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems: Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms

Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems

Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

This book deals with the efficient numerical solution of challenging nonlinear problems in science...

Geršgorin and His Circles
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

TheGer? sgorin CircleTheorem, averywell-known resultin linear algebra today, stems from the paper of...

Stochastic Numerics for the Boltzmann Equation
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

Stochastic numerical methods play an important role in large scale computations in the applied...

High Order Difference Methods for Time Dependent PDE
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

Many books have been written on ?nite difference methods (FDM), but there are good reasons to write...

Boundary Element Methods
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

This work presents a thorough treatment of boundary element methods (BEM) for solving strongly...

Numerical Methods for Two-phase Incompressible Flows
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

This book examines numerical methods for two-phase incompressible flow problems. It details the...

Spectral Methods: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications

Spectral Methods

Algorithms, Analysis and Applications

Jie Shen, Tao Tang and 1 more...
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

Along with finite differences and finite elements, spectral methods are one of the three main...