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Microphone Array Signal Processing
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2008)

The main objective of this concise book is to derive and explain the most fundamental algorithms...

Noise Reduction in Speech Processing
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

This text offers an overview of the state-of-the-art of noise reduction algorithms, focusing on the...

Speech Processing in Modern Communication: Challenges and Perspectives

Speech Processing in Modern Communication

Challenges and Perspectives

Israel Cohen, Jacob Benesty and 1 more...
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

This timely overview of speech communication systems addresses the fundamental challenges in the...

A Perspective on Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

This volume assesses the difficulties involved in real-time communication via a...

Variational and Level Set Methods in Image Segmentation
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

Image segmentation is used in a wide range of useful applications such as remote sensing, medicine,...

Study and Design of Differential Microphone Arrays
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

The systematic coverage of differential microphone arrays in this book approaches the topic from a...

Signal Enhancement with Variable Span Linear Filters
Springer Singapore (2016)

This book introduces readers to the novelconcept of variable span speech enhancement filters, and...

Fundamentals of Spherical Array Processing
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2015)

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of spherical microphone...

Theory and Applications of Spherical Microphone Array Processing
Springer International Publishing (2016)

This book presents the signal processing algorithms that have been developed to process the signals...

Computer Vision Analysis of Image Motion by Variational Methods
Springer International Publishing (2013)

This book presents a unified view of image motion analysis under the variational framework. It...