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Game Theory for Wireless Engineers
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2006)

The application of mathematical analysis to wireless networks has met with limited success, due to...

Underwater Communications
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2012)

Underwater vehicles and underwater moorings are increasing in tactical importance. As such, it is...

A Tutorial on Queuing and Trunking with Applications to Communications
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2012)

The motivation for developing this synthesis lecture was to provide a tutorial on queuing and...

Fundamentals of Spread Spectrum Modulation
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2007)

This lecture covers the fundamentals of spread spectrum modulation, which can be defined as any...

Joint Source Channel Coding Using Arithmetic Codes
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2009)

Based on the encoding process, arithmetic codes can be viewed as tree codes and current proposals...

Basic Simulation Models of Phase Tracking Devices Using MATLAB
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2010)

The Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), and many of the devices used for frequency and phase tracking, carrier...

Block Transceivers: OFDM and Beyond

Block Transceivers

OFDM and Beyond

Paulo Diniz, Wallace Martins and 1 more...
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2012)

The demand for data traffic over mobile communication networks has substantially increased during...

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2006)

This book covers the basic aspects of Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA. It begins with an...

Information Theory and Rate Distortion Theory for Communications and Compression
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2013)

This book is very specifically targeted to problems in communications and compression by providing...

Partial Update Least-Square Adaptive Filtering
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2014)

Adaptive filters play an important role in the fields related to digital signal processing and...