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Usability Engineering: Scenario-Based Development of Human-Computer Interaction

Usability Engineering

Scenario-Based Development of Human-Computer Interaction

Elsevier Science (2001)

You don't need to be convinced. You know that usability is key to the success of any interactive...

Digital Modeling of Material Appearance

Computer graphics systems are capable of generating stunningly realistic images of objects that have...

Factory Operations: Planning and Instructional Methods

Factory Operations

Planning and Instructional Methods

Volume two of the second edition of the comprehensive Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering...

Storyboards: Motion In Art
CRC Press (2012)

Among the most useful tools in the production of any TV show or film is the storyboard, which is the...

Rendering with mental ray & 3ds Max
CRC Press (2012)

Realize your vision with stunning renders of your 3ds Max projects that can only be achieved with a...

Lean Manufacturing: Business Bottom-Line Based

Lean Manufacturing

Business Bottom-Line Based

CRC Press (2010)

The delivery of real bottom-line results from manufacturing improvements has proven to be much...

Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry: A World System Approach
CRC Press (2016)

Project management for oil and gas projects comes with a unique set of challenges that include the...

Fashion Studies: Research Methods, Sites, and Practices

Fashion Studies

Research Methods, Sites, and Practices

Bloomsbury Publishing (2016)

The study of fashion has expanded into a thriving field of inquiry, with researchers utilizing...

DK Publishing (2007)

Covering all the major designers and styles from the 1920s through the present day, Pocket...

Fair Play: Art, Performance and Neoliberalism
Palgrave Macmillan (2013)

This book asks what is the quality of participation in contemporary art and performance? Has it been...