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A Companion to Qualitative Research
SAGE Publications (2004)

This exciting companion provides a comprehensive overview of the latest writing on every aspect of...

Grounded Theory in Management Research
SAGE Publications (2000)

A study and reference tool in qualitative research that will provide useful explanations in the...

Organizational Ethnography: Studying the Complexity of Everyday Life

Organizational Ethnography

Studying the Complexity of Everyday Life

Sierk Ybema, Dvora Yanow and 2 more...
SAGE Publications (2009)

Organizational Ethnography brings contributions from leading scholars in organizational studies...

Video in Qualitative Research
SAGE Publications (2010)

Video is an increasingly important topic in the social sciences, particularly in the US, UK, Europe...

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Management Research
SAGE Publications (2013)

Bell and Thorpe provide a stimulating and critical overview of the key theoretical debates on...

Business Statistics Using EXCEL and SPSS
SAGE Publications (2015)

An accessible guide showing how and why techniques in quantitative analysis are useful in business...

The Management of Technological Innovation: Strategy and Practice

The Management of Technological Innovation (2nd ed.)

Strategy and Practice

Mark Dodgson, David M. Gann and 1 more...
OUP Oxford (2008)

The management of technological innovation is one of the most important challenges facing businesses...

The Model Thinker: What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You

The Model Thinker

What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You

Basic Books (2018)

How anyone can become a data ninja From the stock market to genomics laboratories, census figures...

Design for Six Sigma + LeanToolset: Implementing Innovations Successfully

Design for Six Sigma + LeanToolset

Implementing Innovations Successfully

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2008)

The Toolset is a comprehensive collection of the relevant Design for Six Sigma+Leantools, which are...

Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms

Serial Innovators

How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms

Stanford University Press (2012)

This book helps readers to better understand, emulate, enable, support, and manage serial...