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Phase Transitions in Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Basics, Algorithms and Statistical Mechanics
Wiley (2006)

A concise, comprehensive introduction to the topic of statistical physics of combinatorial...

Interior Point Algorithms: Theory and Analysis

Interior Point Algorithms

Theory and Analysis

The first comprehensive review of the theory and practice of one oftoday's most powerful...

Combinatorial Optimization

A complete, highly accessible introduction to one of today's most exciting areas of applied...

Optimization Methods for Logical Inference

Merging logic and mathematics in deductive inference-an innovative, cutting-edge approach. ...

Network Models in Optimization and Their Applications in Practice

Unique in that it focuses on formulation and case studies ratherthan solutions procedures covering...

Optimization: Foundations and Applications


Foundations and Applications

Wiley (2011)

A thorough and highly accessible resource for analysts in a broadrange of social sciences. ...

Mathematical Modeling in Science and Engineering: An Axiomatic Approach
Wiley (2012)

A powerful, unified approach to mathematical and computational modeling in science and engineering ...

Mastering System Identification in 100 Exercises
Wiley (2012)

This book enables readers to understand system identification and linear system modeling through 100...

System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach

System Identification (2nd ed.)

A Frequency Domain Approach

Wiley (2012)

System identification is a general term used to describe mathematical tools and algorithms that...

Frequency-Domain Analysis and Design of Distributed Control Systems
Wiley (2012)

This book presents a unified frequency-domain method for the analysis of distributed control...