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The Entropy of Capitalism

Within the context of the ecological crisis of the twenty-first century, the book integrates Marxism...

Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis

The Uncertain Future of Capitalism

Monthly Review Press (2014)

In this provocative study, economist Ernesto Screpanti argues that imperialism—far from disappearing...

Weil Kapitalismus sich ändern muss
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden (2013)

Die Kritik am Kapitalismus hat spätestens mit der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise eine Renaissance...

Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung: Grundlagen - Konzepte - Maßnahmen

Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung

Grundlagen - Konzepte - Maßnahmen

Ulrich Hommel, Thomas Knecht and 1 more...
Gabler Verlag (2008)

Die Aufrechterhaltung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und die Anpassung an strukturelle Rahmenbedingungen...

Contemporary Capitalism and its Crises: Social Structure of Accumulation Theory for the 21st Century

Contemporary Capitalism and its Crises

Social Structure of Accumulation Theory for the 21st Century

Cambridge University Press (2010)

This volume analyses contemporary capitalism and its crises based on a theory of capitalist...

Capitalism Reassessed
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Provides a view of the different types of capitalist economic systems based on an empirical analysis...

Global Capitalism: A Sociological Perspective
Wiley (2013)

The global financial crisis has challenged many of our most authoritative economic ideologies and...

The New Reckoning: Capitalism, States and Citizens

The New Reckoning

Capitalism, States and Citizens

Wiley (2013)

We are told that this is a new world, with which old theories cannot cope. But the dynamic driving...

Beyond Consumer Capitalism: Media and the Limits to Imagination

Beyond Consumer Capitalism

Media and the Limits to Imagination

Wiley (2014)

Consumer capitalism dominates our economy, our politics and our culture. Yet there is a growing body...

After Globalization
Wiley (2011)

In lively and unflinching prose, Eric Cazdyn and Imre Szeman argue that contemporary thought about...