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Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies

Biodesign (2nd ed.)

The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies

Paul G. Yock, Stefanos Zenios and 7 more...
Cambridge University Press (2015)

A step-by-step, full-color guide to successful medical technology innovation with a new focus on...

Colloidal Suspension Rheology
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Presented in an accessible and introductory manner, this is the first book devoted to the...

Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices

Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics

Transport in Microfluidic Devices

Cambridge University Press (2010)

For graduates, undergraduates and a reference for practising researchers, this covers the physics of...

McGraw-Hill Education (2011)

LEARN THE ART OF WELDING FROM THE GROUND UP Filled with step-by-step instructions and detailed...

Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

Deep Medicine

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

Basic Books (2019)

One of America's top doctors reveals how AI will empower physicians and revolutionize patient care ...

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers: Principles, Technology, and Applications

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers

Principles, Technology, and Applications

Elsevier Science (2012)

Radiation processing is widely employed in plastics engineering to enhance the physical properties...

Cancer Biomarkers: Minimal and Noninvasive Early Diagnosis and Prognosis

Cancer Biomarkers

Minimal and Noninvasive Early Diagnosis and Prognosis

Debmalya Barh, Angelo Carpi and 2 more...
CRC Press (2014)

Gleaning information from more than 100 experts in the field of cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and...

Wilson and Walker's Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cambridge University Press (2018)

A major update of a best-selling textbook that introduces students to the key experimental and...

Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual
Elsevier Science (1999)

This reference provides reliable piping estimating data including installation of pneumatic...

Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours
McGraw-Hill Education (2017)

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