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Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications

Boolean functions are the building blocks of symmetric cryptographic systems. Symmetrical...

Reasoning in Quantum Theory: Sharp and Unsharp Quantum Logics

Reasoning in Quantum Theory

Sharp and Unsharp Quantum Logics


"Is quantum logic really logic?" This book argues for a positive answer to this question once and...

Duality Theories for Boolean Algebras with Operators

In this new text, Steven Givant—the author of several acclaimed books, including works co-authored...

Boolean Representations of Simplicial Complexes and Matroids

This self-contained monograph explores a new theory centered around boolean representations of...

Boolean Functions in Cryptology and Information Security
IOS Press (2008)

This book contains the proceedings of the NATO-Russia Advanced Study Institute (ASI) 'Boolean...

Black-Box Models of Computation in Cryptology

Generic group algorithms solve computational problems defined over algebraic groups without...

Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras

This text covers cardinal number valued functions defined for any Boolean algebra such as...

Sheaves of Algebras over Boolean Spaces

Sheaves of Algebras over Boolean Spaces takes the reader on a journey through sheaf theory. The...