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How to Think About Algorithms
Cambridge University Press (2008)

Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged...

The EM Algorithm and Extensions
Wiley (2007)

The only single-source——now completely updated and revised——to offer a unified treatment of the...

Invitation to Fixed-Parameter Algorithms

An application-oriented introduction to the highly topical area of the development and analysis of...

The LLL Algorithm: Survey and Applications
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

The first book to offer a comprehensive view of the LLL algorithm, this text surveys computational...

Optimization: Algorithms and Applications


Algorithms and Applications

CRC Press (2015)

Choose the Correct Solution Method for Your Optimization Problem Optimization: Algorithms and...

Algorithms and Complexity: Conference Proceedings

Algorithms and Complexity

Conference Proceedings

World Scientific Publishing Company (1990)

This proceedings contains contributions on topics such as the models of computation, analysis and...

Stochastic Algorithms: Foundations and Applications: 4th International Symposium, SAGA 2007, Zurich, Switzerland, September 13-14, 2007, Proceedings

Stochastic Algorithms: Foundations and Applications

4th International Symposium, SAGA 2007, Zurich, Switzerland, September 13-14, 2007, Proceedings

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Stochastic...

Complexity Theory: Exploring the Limits of Efficient Algorithms

Complexity Theory

Exploring the Limits of Efficient Algorithms

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2005)

Complexity theory is the theory of determining the necessary resources for the solution of...

A Course in Topological Combinatorics
Springer New York (2012)

This undergraduate textbook in topological combinatorics covers such topics as fair division, graph...

Lectures in Pattern Theory: Volume 2: Pattern Analysis

Lectures in Pattern Theory

Volume 2: Pattern Analysis

Springer New York (2012)

Many persons have helped the author with comments and corrections, and I would like to mention D. E....