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Special Functions
Cambridge University Press (1999)

An overview of special functions, focusing on the hypergeometric functions and the associated...

Completeness and Basis Properties of Sets of Special Functions
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Presents methods for testing sets of special functions for completeness and basis properties, mostly...

Basic Hypergeometric Series
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Significant revision of classic reference in special functions.

Handbook of Special Functions: Derivatives, Integrals, Series and Other Formulas

Handbook of Special Functions

Derivatives, Integrals, Series and Other Formulas

CRC Press (2008)

Because of the numerous applications involved in this field, the theory of special functions is...

Special Functions of Mathematics for Engineers
SPIE (2005)

Modern engineering and physical science applications demand a thorough knowledge of applied...

Shintani Zeta Functions
Cambridge University Press (1994)

This is amongst the first books on the theory of prehomogeneous vector spaces, and represents the...

Data-Variant Kernel Analysis

Describes and discusses the variants of kernel analysis methods for data types that have been...

Polaritons in Periodic and Quasiperiodic Structures
Elsevier Science (2004)

In recent years there have been exciting developments in techniques for producing multilayered...