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Introduction to Uniform Spaces
Cambridge University Press (1990)

This book is based on a course taught to an audience of undergraduate and graduate students at...

Algebra in the Stone-Cech Compactification: Theory and Applications
De Gruyter (2011)

This is the second revised and extendededition of the successful book on the algebraic structure of...

Compactifications of Symmetric and Locally Symmetric Spaces
Birkhäuser Boston (2006)

Noncompact symmetric and locally symmetric spaces naturally appear in many mathematical theories,...

Proximity Spaces
Cambridge University Press (2008)

This tract provides a compact introduction to the theory of proximity spaces and their...

The Descriptive Set Theory of Polish Group Actions
Cambridge University Press (1996)

Research monograph on set theory by two of the world's leading researchers.

An Introduction to Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theory

Presents up-to-date Banach space results. * Features an extensive bibliography for outside reading....

Dictionary of Distances
Elsevier Science (2006)

This book comes out of need and urgency (expressed especially in areas of Information Retrieval...

Hausdorff Gaps and Limits
Elsevier Science (1994)

Gaps and limits are two phenomena occuring in the Boolean algebra P (&ohgr;)/fin. Both were...

Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces
Elsevier Science (2013)

North-Holland Mathematics Studies: Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces exposes the theory of Hewitt-Nachbin...

Random Probability Measures on Polish Spaces
CRC Press (2002)

In this monograph the narrow topology on random probability measures on Polish spaces is...