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Unthinking the Greek Polis: Ancient Greek History beyond Eurocentrism

Unthinking the Greek Polis

Ancient Greek History beyond Eurocentrism

Cambridge University Press (2007)

This 2007 book challenges orthodox readings of Greek history centred on the polis and proposes a...

Thucydides, Pericles, and the Idea of Athens in the Peloponnesian War
Cambridge University Press (2009)

The first comprehensive study of Thucydides' presentation of Pericles' radical redefinition of the...

Thucydides, Pericles, and Periclean Imperialism
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Edith Foster compares Thucydides' narrative explanations and descriptions of the Peloponnesian War...

Selected Papers in Greek and Near Eastern History
Cambridge University Press (1997)

This 1997 volume contains essays on Greek and oriental history by the distinguished ancient...

Greeks Bearing Gifts: The Public Use of Private Relationships in the Greek World, 435–323 BC

Greeks Bearing Gifts

The Public Use of Private Relationships in the Greek World, 435–323 BC

Cambridge University Press (1998)

This book examines the political role of personal relationships in classical Greece.

Thucydides and Internal War
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This 2001 book explains in detail Thucydides' abstract model of internal war.

The Hellenistic Age from the Battle of Ipsos to the Death of Kleopatra VII
Cambridge University Press (1985)

Greek and Roman history has largely been reconstructed from the works of Herodotus, Thucydides,...

The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades, 1191–1374
Cambridge University Press (1993)

This book is a major contribution to the history of the Crusades in the Levant and the only...

The Cambridge Companion to Archaic Greece
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This Companion provides a synthesis of history, society, and culture during the formative period of...

Spartans: A New History


A New History

Wiley (2011)

Spartans: A New History chronicles the complete history of ancient Sparta from its origins to the...