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Financial Engineering and Computation: Principles, Mathematics, Algorithms

Financial Engineering and Computation

Principles, Mathematics, Algorithms

Cambridge University Press (2001)

A comprehensive text and reference, first published in 2002, on the theory of financial engineering...

The Elements of MATLAB Style
Cambridge University Press (2010)

A guide for MATLAB programmers that offers a collection of standards and guidelines for creating...

Business Math Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2006)

This work teaches business-management students all the basic mathematics used in a retail business...

Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling
CRC Press (2016)

Contains Nearly 100 Pages of New MaterialThe recent financial crisis has shown that credit risk in...

Economic Dynamics: Phase Diagrams and their Economic Application

Economic Dynamics (2nd ed.)

Phase Diagrams and their Economic Application

Cambridge University Press (2002)

The substantially revised and restructured 2nd edition of Ron Shone's successful textbook Economic...

Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Gives a complete introduction to partial differential equations and numerical analysis for upper...

Designing Economic Mechanisms
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book presents methods for designing institutions that direct and co-ordinate economic activity...

Lie Groups, Physics, and Geometry: An Introduction for Physicists, Engineers and Chemists

Lie Groups, Physics, and Geometry

An Introduction for Physicists, Engineers and Chemists

Cambridge University Press (2008)

Introduction to Lie groups for graduate and undergraduate students in physics, mathematics and...

Financial Enterprise Risk Management
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Covers the full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques needed to manage risk in a...

Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians
Taylor and Francis (2003)

Accurately calculating medication dosages is a critical element in pharmaceutical care that directly...