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Mathematics for Physicists: Introductory Concepts and Methods

Mathematics for Physicists

Introductory Concepts and Methods

Cambridge University Press (2019)

Introduces fundamental concepts and computational methods of mathematics from the perspective of...

DK Publishing (2013)

Now students have nothing to fear! Math textbooks can be as baffling as the subject they're...

Linear Algebra
Cambridge University Press (2018)

Rigorous yet engaging, Linear Algebra offers a unified treatment of both matrix-oriented and...

Complex Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2018)

A new edition of a classic textbook on complex analysis with an emphasis on translating visual...

Calculus Reordered: A History of the Big Ideas

Calculus Reordered

A History of the Big Ideas

Princeton University Press (2019)

How our understanding of calculus has evolved over more than three centuries, how this has shaped...

Gaussian Hilbert Spaces
Cambridge University Press (1997)

This book treats the fundamental mathematical properties that hold for a family of Gaussian random...

2000 Solved Problems in Discrete Mathematics
McGraw-Hill Education (2012)

Master discrete mathematics with Schaum's--the high-performance solved-problem guide. It will help...

Proofs from THE BOOK
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2018)

This revised and enlarged sixth edition of  Proofs from THE BOOK  features an entirely new...

Dirichlet Series and Holomorphic Functions in High Dimensions
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Using contemporary concepts, this book describes the interaction between Dirichlet series and...

The Lambda Calculus: Its Syntax and Semantics

The Lambda Calculus (2nd ed.)

Its Syntax and Semantics

Elsevier Science (2013)

The revised edition contains a new chapter which provides an elegant description of the semantics....