Differential equations

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Numerical Optimization

The new edition of this book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date description of the most...

Inside Interesting Integrals
Springer New York (2014)

What’s the point of calculating definite integrals since you can’t possibly do them all?. What...

Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
New Age International Pvt. Ltd., Publishers (2005)

The interesting feature of this book is its organization and structure. That consists of...

Fast Fourier Transform - Algorithms and Applications
Springer Netherlands (2011)

Fast Fourier Transform - Algorithms and Applications presents an introduction to the principles of...

Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics
Hong Kong University Press, HKU (1988)

Basic concepts of number theory are discussed. Topics include set theory, mathematical induction,...

Mathematics Year 6
Galore Park (2014)

A stimulating and rigorous approach to Mathematics that goes beyond the requirements of the National...

A Handbook of Essential Mathematical Formulae
University Of Hertfordshire Press (2005)

Intended for students of mathematics as well as of engineering, physical science, economics,...

Asymptotics and Mellin-Barnes Integrals
Cambridge University Press (2001)

Provides an account of the use and properties of a type of complex integral representation that...

Analysis in Integer and Fractional Dimensions
Cambridge University Press (2001)

Thorough and self-contained study for graduate students and researchers.

Deterministic Observation Theory and Applications
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This 2001 book presents a general theory as well as a constructive methodology to solve 'observation...