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Modern Legal Drafting: A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Modern Legal Drafting (2nd ed.)

A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book examines legal language and provides guidelines for drafting in modern English.

Denial of Justice in International Law
Cambridge University Press (2005)

This 2005 book examines the modern understanding of denial of justice.

Remedies against International Organisations
Cambridge University Press (2002)

A consideration of the legal remedies available to victims of actions by international...

Methods of Comparative Law
Edward Elgar Publishing (2012)

Comprising an array of distinguished contributors, this pioneering volume of original contributions...

Philosophy and the Law of Torts
Cambridge University Press (2001)

Leading legal theorists examine the philosophical foundations of tort law.

Transboundary Damage in International Law
Cambridge University Press (2003)

An examination of the problems of transnational environmental damage.

Course Notes: Tort Law
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Course Notes is designed to help you succeed in your law examinations and assessments. Each guide...

Tort Law and Economics
Edward Elgar Publishing (2009)

Provides an overview of the literature on the economic analysis of tort law. This work focuses on...

Tort Law

Tort Law (3rd ed.)

Taylor and Francis (2004)

This textbook covers the Tort Law option of the A-level law syllabus, and provides at the same time...

Mass Justice: Challenges of Representation and Distribution

Mass Justice

Challenges of Representation and Distribution

Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This insightful book considers phenomena such as mass torts, which affect numerous victims, and...