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Lectures on the Forces of Matter: And Their Relations to Each Other

Lectures on the Forces of Matter

And Their Relations to Each Other

The Floating Press (2009)

The pleasure which all derive from the expositions of Faraday is of a somewhat different kind to...

Mr Tompkins in Paperback
Cambridge University Press (1993)

George Gamow's classic provides a delightful explanation of the central concepts in modern physics,...

Focused Ion Beam Systems: Basics and Applications

Focused Ion Beam Systems

Basics and Applications

Cambridge University Press (2007)

This edited volume, first published in 2007, comprehensively covers the focused ion beam and two...

Physics of Ionized Gases
Wiley (2008)

A comprehensive textbook and reference for the study of the physics of ionized gases The intent of...

Particle Physics
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2014)

This book on particle physics supports learning and teaching with worked examples, questions and...

Introduction to Focused Ion Beams: Instrumentation, Theory, Techniques and Practice
Springer US (2006)

Introduction to Focused Ion Beams is geared towards techniques and applications. This is the only...

Dissociative Recombination of Molecular Ions
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A guide to dissociative recombination of molecular ions with electrons, a critical molecular...

The Physics and Technology of Ion Sources
Wiley (2006)

The first edition of this title has become a well-known reference book on ion sources. The field is...

Filamentary Ion Flow: Theory and Experiments
Wiley (2014)

Presents all-new laboratory-tested theory for calculating more accurate ionized electric fields to...

Industrial Ion Sources: Broadbeam Gridless Ion Source Technology

Industrial Ion Sources

Broadbeam Gridless Ion Source Technology

Wiley (2012)

Due to the large number of uses of ion sources in academia and industry, those who utilize these...