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String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction

String Theory and M-Theory

A Modern Introduction

Katrin Becker, Melanie Becker and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Graduate textbook for courses in string theory.

Higgs: The invention and discovery of the 'God Particle'


The invention and discovery of the 'God Particle'

OUP Oxford (2012)

The hunt for the Higgs particle involved the biggest, most expensive experiment ever. Finally, on 4...

Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
Cambridge University Press (2008)

An advanced textbook covering essential and advanced topics in plasma physics relevant to many...

A First Course in String Theory
Cambridge University Press (2004)

Accessible introduction to string theory for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

An Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Cambridge University Press (2007)

The second edition of an introductory graduate textbook on the Standard Model of particle physics.

String Theory: Volume 1, An Introduction to the Bosonic String
Cambridge University Press (1998)

This is a comprehensive 1998 account of supersymmetric strings, for graduate students and...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory

Take Your Understanding of Physics into a Whole New Dimension!

DK Publishing (2008)

Everything is connected... We''re living in the midst of a scientific revolution that''s captured...

Space-Time-Matter: Modern Kaluza-Klein Theory


Modern Kaluza-Klein Theory

World Scientific Publishing Company (1999)

Einstein endorsed the view of Kaluza that gravity could be combined with electromagnetism if the...

String Theory Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

UNRAVEL the mystery of STRING THEORY Trying to understand string theory but ending up with your...

Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy
Cambridge University Press (2008)

Graduate textbook on plasma physics for courses in applied physics and nuclear engineering.