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The Energy of Nature
University of Chicago Press (2008)

Energy is crucial for events of every kind, in this world or any other. Without energy, nothing...

Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach
Cambridge University Press (2004)

This book explores the connection between algebraic structures in topology and computational methods...

Introductory Muon Science
Cambridge University Press (2003)

Summary of how muons are used in science and engineering.

NMR Studies of Translational Motion: Principles and Applications
Cambridge University Press (2009)

Overview of NMR theory and applications in fluid systems, fully referenced for research use.

Critical Assembly: A Technical History of Los Alamos during the Oppenheimer Years, 1943–1945

Critical Assembly

A Technical History of Los Alamos during the Oppenheimer Years, 1943–1945

Cambridge University Press (1993)

This 1993 book explores how the 'critical assembly' of scientists at Los Alamos created the first...

Data Analysis Techniques for High-Energy Physics

Up-dated indispensable guide to handling and analysing data obtained from high-energy and nuclear...

Introduction to Elementary Particles
Wiley (2008)

This is the first quantitative treatment of elementary particle theory that is accessible to...

Concepts of Particle Physics: Volume I
Oxford University Press (1987)

Enhances the material outlined in the first volume of "Concepts of Particle Physics", presenting it...

The New Cosmic Onion: Quarks and the Nature of the Universe

The New Cosmic Onion

Quarks and the Nature of the Universe

CRC Press (2006)

Not since Newton’s apple has there been a physics phenomenon as deliciously appealing to the masses...

God versus Particle Physics: A No-Score Draw
Andrews UK (2013)

The book presents the conclusions of a psychologist seeking to make sense of contemporary particle...