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Large Deviations and Metastability

Covers an area at intersection of probability theory and statistical mechanics.

Uniform Central Limit Theorems

This treatise by an acknowledged expert includes several topics not found in any previous book.

Introduction to Statistical Limit Theory
CRC Press (2011)

Helping students develop a good understanding of asymptotic theory, Introduction to Statistical...

Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists
CRC Press (2013)

Student-Friendly Coverage of Probability, Statistical Methods, Simulation, and Modeling...

Information Theory And The Central Limit Theorem

This book provides a comprehensive description of a new method of proving the central limit theorem,...

Rare Event Simulation using Monte Carlo Methods
Wiley (2009)

In a probabilistic model, a rare event is an event with a very small probability of occurrence. The...

A Weak Convergence Approach to the Theory of Large Deviations
Wiley (2011)

Applies the well-developed tools of the theory of weak convergenceof probability measures to large...

Large Deviations and Idempotent Probability
CRC Press (2001)

In the view of many probabilists, author Anatolii Puhalskii's research results stand among the most...

Entropy, Large Deviations, and Statistical Mechanics

From the reviews: "... Besides the fact that the author's treatment of large deviations is a nice...

Self-Normalized Processes: Limit Theory and Statistical Applications

Self-Normalized Processes

Limit Theory and Statistical Applications


This volume covers recent developments in self-normalized processes, including self-normalized large...