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Solutions Manual to accompany Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis
Wiley (2013)

As the Solutions Manual , this book is meant to accompany the main title,  Introduction to...

Quantile Regression
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A comprehensive treatment of the subject, encompassing models that are linear and nonlinear,...

Regression Analysis of Count Data
Cambridge University Press (1998)

This analysis provides a comprehensive account of models and methods to interpret frequency data.

Semiparametric Regression
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This user-friendly 2003 book explains the techniques and benefits of semiparametric regression in a...

Spatial Data Analysis: Theory and Practice
Cambridge University Press (2003)

This book, first published in 2003, is a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of...

Applied Latent Class Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Applied Latent Class Analysis introduces several innovations in latent class analysis to a wider...

Categorical Data Analysis
Wiley (2003)

Amstat News asked three review editors to rate their top five favorite books in the September 2003...

An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Wiley (2007)

Praise for the First Edition "This is a superb text from which to teach categorical data...

R For Dummies
Wiley (2015)

Mastering R has never been easier Picking up R can be tough, even for seasoned statisticians and...

Introduction to Clustering Large and High-Dimensional Data
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Focuses on a few of the important clustering algorithms in the context of information retrieval.