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All of Nonparametric Statistics
Springer New York (2006)

This comprehensive text provides the reader with a single book where they can find accounts of a...

Proportional Hazards Regression
Springer New York (2008)

This book focuses on the theory and applications of a very broad class of models which underlie...

Nonlinear Regression with R
Springer New York (2008)

This book provides a coherent and unified treatment of nonlinear regression with R by means of...

Functional Data Analysis with R and MATLAB
Springer New York (2009)

Scientists often collect samples of curves and other functional observations, and develop models...

Bayesian and Frequentist Regression Methods
Springer New York (2013)

This book provides a balanced, modern introduction to Bayesian and frequentist methods for...

Applied Factor Analysis in the Natural Sciences
Cambridge University Press (1996)

Explores the application of eigenanalysis to statistical data from the natural sciences to achieve...

Smoothing and Regression: Approaches, Computation, and Application

Smoothing and Regression

Approaches, Computation, and Application

Wiley (2012)

A comprehensive introduction to a wide variety of univariate and multivariate smoothing techniques...

Nonparametric Statistics: A Step-by-Step Approach

Nonparametric Statistics (2nd ed.)

A Step-by-Step Approach

Wiley (2014)

“…a very useful resource for courses in nonparametric statistics in which the emphasis is on...

Statistical Monitoring of Complex Multivatiate Processes: With Applications in Industrial Process Control

Statistical Monitoring of Complex Multivatiate Processes

With Applications in Industrial Process Control

Wiley (2012)

The development and application of multivariate statistical techniques in process monitoring has...

Statistical Inference for Models with Multivariate t-Distributed Errors
Wiley (2014)

This book summarizes the results of various models under normal theory with a brief review of the...