Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs

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Illustrated Pathology of the Bone Marrow
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book provides a highly illustrated overview of the diseases of the human bone marrow.

The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook
Oxford University Press (2005)

While there is no cure for Sjogren's, much can be done to alleviate the suffering of individuals...

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology
Oxford University Press (2009)

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology continues to provide the essential knowledge needed in...

Postgraduate Haematology
Wiley (2008)

"Most hematologists need a revised and practical textbook in which they can rapidly search on the...

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology
OUP Oxford (2015)

This handbook continues to provide the core knowledge needed in clinical practice for the diagnosis...

Diagnostic Hematology
Springer London (2008)

With complete coverage of all the practical essentials, this book contains vital clinical...

Platelets in Thrombotic and Non-Thrombotic Disorders: Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Platelets in Thrombotic and Non-Thrombotic Disorders

Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Paolo Gresele, Clive P. Page and 2 more...
Cambridge University Press (1753)

An essential reference for biomedical scientists and clinicians in hematology, cardiology,...

Molecular Hematology
Wiley (2008)

Unique text providing a core knowledge base for those with little exposure to molecular biological...

ABC of Clinical Haematology
ABC Series (No. 73)
Wiley (2009)

This ABC has established itself as a popular introduction to Clinical Haematology, relevant both...

Practical Flow Cytometry in Haematology: 100 Worked Examples
Wiley (2015)

The analysis of blood, bone marrow and tissue fluid specimens requires a multi-faceted approach with...