Emergency surgery. Wounds and injuries

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Trauma Anesthesia
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A reference book for anesthesiologists confronted with the unique challenges of trauma patients.

FRCS Trauma and Orthopaedics Viva
OUP Oxford (2012)

Based on the highly successful Oxford revision course, this book helps candidates prepare for the...

Electrical Trauma: The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical Management

Electrical Trauma

The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical Management

R. C. Lee, E. G. Cravalho and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (1992)

This comprehensive 1992 treatise was the first on electrical trauma in humans.

Trauma Rules 2: Incorporating Military Trauma Rules

Trauma Rules 2 (2nd ed.)

Incorporating Military Trauma Rules

Wiley (2008)

Trauma Rules 2 retains its lively and fun presentation to help you remember the essential...

ABC of Imaging in Trauma
Wiley (2010)

An understanding of current trauma imaging concepts is essential for all medical personnel involved...

Wound Management

To the newly qualified or student nurse, wound management often appears a daunting prospect. Wound...

Emergency Surgery
Wiley (2010)

Emergency Surgery provides both a practical guide and an understanding of the issues that need to...

The Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Athletes routinely use psychological skills and interventions for performance enhancement but,...

Trauma Management
Landes Bioscience (2000)

This book has been prepared to serve as a quick and practical guide in the evaluation and management...

Critical Care of the Burned Patient
Cambridge University Press (1992)

An integrated and practical guide to the management and treatment of burns.