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Infection and Local Treatment in Orthopedic Surgery
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

The management of orthopedic infection is an area of growing importance in orthopedic surgery. This...

Kinderorthopädie in der Praxis
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

"Gerade erziehen" bedeutet der von Nicolas Andry geprägte Begriff "Orthopädie". Was aber machen...

Epiphyseal Growth Plate Fractures
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

The subspeciality of Pediatric Orthopedics is distin- common of which is fracture. This textbook is...

Spinal Disorders: Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Treatment

Spinal Disorders

Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Treatment

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2008)

This is a readable teaching tool focusing on the fundamentals and basic principles of spinal...

Reconstruction of Upper Cervical Spine and Craniovertebral Junction
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

This illustrative manual covers all currently available techniques of upper cervical spine and...

The Growing Spine: Management of Spinal Disorders in Young Children

The Growing Spine

Management of Spinal Disorders in Young Children

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

Spinal disorders in very young children may be caused by a variety of conditions; their treatment...

Non-Idiopathic Spine Deformities in Young Children
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

A comprehensive review of the growth mechanisms of the spine in infancy forms the basis of the book....

Skeletal Injury in the Child
Springer New York (2006)

It is remarkable that Dr. Ogden has created a third edition of Skeletal Injury in the Child. It...

Essentials of Orthopedic Surgery
Springer New York (2007)

This book offers hands-on guidance for identifying and treating the most commonly seen orthopedic...

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies
Springer New York (2012)

Emergency orthopedic care of children is often provided by surgeons who primarily treat adults. This...