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Getting to Know Web GIS: Third Edition

Getting to Know Web GIS (3rd ed.)

Third Edition

Esri Press (2018)

The new third edition of Getting to Know Web GIS is a step-by-step workbook on how to build web...

GIS For Dummies
Wiley (2009)

GIS (geographic information system) is a totally cool technology that has been called “geography on...

Theory of Reflectance and Emittance Spectroscopy
Cambridge University Press (2012)

An essential reference for researchers and students of planetary remote sensing on the interaction...

Physical Principles of Remote Sensing
Cambridge University Press (2012)

A quantitative yet accessible introduction to remote sensing techniques, this new edition covers a...

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) (2012)

Hyperspectral remote sensing is an emerging, multidisciplinary field with diverse applications that...

Getting to Know ArcGIS
Esri Press (2015)

The bestselling guide to ArcGIS for Desktop gets an update for 10.3--new data and exercises and an...

An Introduction to Ocean Remote Sensing
Cambridge University Press (2014)

Covering significant new advances in satellite oceanography, this new edition introduces remote...

Practical GIS Analysis
CRC Press (2002)

The hard part of problem solving using GIS analysis is the selection of the proper tools. The only...

Web Cartography
CRC Press (2000)

Maps and atlases are created as soon as information on our geography has been clarified. They are...

GIS Basics
New Age International Pvt. Ltd., Publishers (2008)

Geographical Information Systems - Representing Geography History and Development of GIS ...