Brandon Sanderson

Creator of the Cosmere sequence

Cover detail from the Tom Doherty edition of The Way of Kings

 ?? Brandon Sanderson

American fantasy and science fiction writer Brandon Sanderson is best known for the Cosmere Universe -- the imaginary world in which Elantris, Mistborn, Warbreaker,The Stormlight Archive, White Sand, and other stories are set.

The idea came from Sanderson's desire to create an epic-length series without requiring readers to buy an unreasonable number of books. Because of that, he hides connections to his other works within each book, thus creating his "hidden epic". Sanderson has estimated that the Cosmere sequence could conclude with at least 40 different titles.

He is also known for completing the last three volumes of Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sanderson began studying biochemistry, but later finished a Master’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Brigham Young University.  He was the editor-in-chief of Leading Edge, a speculative fiction magazine while he worked on his first novels, with Elantris being picked up by Tor Books.  He lives in Utah with his wife and children and, when not writing, teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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