The International Handbook on the Sociology of Education

An International Assessment of New Research and Theory

by Carlos Alberto Torres, Ari Antikainen, Siikka Aapola, Jason Chang, A B. Dijkstra, Jaap Dronkers, Tuula Gordon, Honario Martin Izquierdo, Ingrid Jonsson, Steve Jordan, Yaacov J. Katz, John P. Keeves, Katja Komonen, David Konstantinovski, Alkistis Kontoyianni, Elina Lahelma, Peter Lang, David MacLennan, Isabel Menezes, Almudena Moreno Minguez, Martin D. Munk, Sean Neill, Jules Peschar, Sally Power, Arja Puurula, Zhang Renjie, Shlomo Romi, Lawrence J. Saha, Antonio Teodoro, Raf Vanderstraeten, Lisa Vasileiou, Lennart Vriens, Geoff Whitty, Gad Yair

The twentieth century has been marked by the expansion of educational opportunities worldwide. It has been the century of education, and the role of the state in the promotion of public education has been decisive. Yet, at the millennium's turn efforts to diminish the role of the state are rapidly changing education, especially in terms of its role in democracy. This comprehensive handbook offers a fresh view of the social context of education, outlining the challenges as well as the advances in public and private education systems. The book offers a systematic account of current social theory and methodologies, applied perspectives on the development of education in many regions of the world, and compares key themes such as access, school choice, equity, and educational performance.
  • Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; December 2002
  • ISBN: 9781461714323
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  • Title: The International Handbook on the Sociology of Education
  • Author: Carlos Alberto Torres (ed.); Ari Antikainen (ed.); Siikka Aapola (contrib.); Jason Chang (contrib.); A B. Dijkstra (contrib.); Jaap Dronkers (contrib.); Tuula Gordon (contrib.); Honario Martin Izquierdo (contrib.); Ingrid Jonsson (contrib.); Steve Jordan (contrib.); Yaacov J. Katz (contrib.); John P. Keeves (contrib.); Katja Komonen (contrib.); David Konstantinovski (contrib.); Alkistis Kontoyianni (contrib.); Elina Lahelma (contrib.); Peter Lang (contrib.); David MacLennan (contrib.); Isabel Menezes (contrib.); Almudena Moreno Minguez (contrib.); Martin D. Munk (contrib.); Sean Neill (contrib.); Jules Peschar (contrib.); Sally Power (contrib.); Arja Puurula (contrib.); Zhang Renjie (contrib.); Shlomo Romi (contrib.); Lawrence J. Saha (contrib.); Antonio Teodoro (contrib.); Raf Vanderstraeten (contrib.); Lisa Vasileiou (contrib.); Lennart Vriens (contrib.); Geoff Whitty (contrib.); Gad Yair (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

In The Press

An ambitious, highly readable volume that works, laudably, to link various debates within the sociology of education to the larger forces of globalization that increasingly inform our world. Each chapter evidences fine scholarship. Most chapters offer significant contributions to the field, and students of the sociology of education will gain much from reading them. Indeed, the volume has much to offer, and it succeeds in raising awareness of the need to expand the scope of the sociology of education.

About The Author

Carlos Alberto Torres is professor of social sciences and comparative education and is director of the Latin American Center at UCLA. Ari Antikainen is professor of sociology and education at the University of Joensuu.