Imagined Regional Communities

Integration and Sovereignty in the Global South

by James D. Sidaway

Series: Routledge Studies in Human Geography

Imagined Regional Communities provides an original approach to thinking about the processes of regional integration. Focusing mostly on communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, it develops detailed case studies based on archives, interviews and critical readings of existing texts. These case-studies are related to each other and the overall themes of the book, so that a set of narratives and theoretical elaborations emerge, that critically reformulate understandings of regional communities, statehold and sovereignty.

In The Press

' offers a critical historiography spanning from the colonial period to present day. In this sense, and also as an anthological reference work for its multidisciplinary quotations of great thinkers and writers, the work is highly valuable.' - MILLENNIUM, Journal of International Studies

'...particularly useful for interdisciplinary graduate seminars on globalization, development, and the state.' - Environment and Planning, Joe Bryan, University of California