Skinny Boy

A Young Man's Battle and Triumph Over Anorexia

by Gary A. Grahl

Gary Grahl was both handsome and popular, a boy whose athletic abilities attracted the attention of the big leagues . . . until "IT," a shaming inner-voice that convinced him to be ever thinner. His out-of-control compulsion to exercise and starve himself led to multiple hospitalizations, and a life and death battle to win control over the pervasive and dangerous "IT."

Skinny Boy is a powerful story showing how anyone can win the internal battle between mind and body, and triumph over the out-of-control thoughts and feelings common to many mental disorders. 

Skinny Boy is the first and only book to describe how a young man overcame this often fatal disorder, normally associated with young women, that kills thousands of young people each year. It also offers therapists, sufferers, and their families with a powerful new tool to help them triumph in the battle over self.

  • American Legacy Media; March 2007
  • ISBN: 9780976154778
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  • Title: Skinny Boy
  • Author: Gary A. Grahl
  • Imprint: American Legacy Media