Advanced Data Structures


This text closely examines ideas, analysis, and implementation details of data structures as a specialised topic in applied algorithms. It looks at efficient ways to realise query and update operations on sets of numbers, intervals, or strings by various data structures, including: search trees; structures for sets of intervals or piece-wise constant functions; orthogonal range search structures; heaps; union-find structures; dynamization and persistence of structures; structures for strings; and hash tables. Instead of relegating data structures to trivial material used to illustrate object-oriented programming methodology, this is the first volume to show data structures as a crucial algorithmic topic. Numerous code examples in C and more than 500 references make Advanced Data Structures an indispensable text.
  • Cambridge University Press; September 2008
  • ISBN: 9780511433887
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  • Title: Advanced Data Structures
  • Author: Peter Brass
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

'I think this book is well suited as a main or supplemental text in a graduate-level data structures course, not to mention an invaluable desk reference for those interested in implementing the advance structures outlined in this book. This book was a joy to review, and deserves a place on my bookshelf.' SIGACT News