The Definitive Guide to the Microsoft Enterprise Library

by Keenan Newton

All developers are lazy. I don’t mean lazy in a bad way, but in a good and efficient way. We are all looking for ways to crank out code faster so we can get to the next biggest thing. From the beginning days of computing with punch cards all the way to the modern-day managed app- cations created with the .NET Framework and relational databases like SQL Server 2005, developers have been looking for ways to cut corners efficiently without sacrificing quality. This is where Microsoft Enterprise Library comes into play. Enterprise Library helps cut out some of the routine tasks that developers need to perform while developing applications, and yet provides the best practices to ensure the application is designed and runs as efficiently as possible. This book will provide the knowledge you need to get started and get comfortable with the Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks. I will go over the design of each appli- tion block, how it is used, and how it can be customized. Throughout the chapters, you will find code samples for each application block that will be useful in getting a jump-start in your own applications.
  • Apress; June 2008
  • ISBN: 9781430203155
  • Read online, or download in DRM-free PDF (digitally watermarked) format
  • Title: The Definitive Guide to the Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Author: Keenan Newton
  • Imprint: Apress

About The Author

Keenan Newton has over 10 years of experience designing, architecting, and developing N-tier applications for both Windows and web environments, with an emphasis on Web Services, ADO.NET, and service-oriented architecture (SOA). He is a speaker at local .NET user groups, and has been published in CoDe Magazine. Keenan is employed as a senior consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services.