Haggadah of Pesach

The Order of the Passover Seder

by MobileReference

Indulge Yourself with the best Passover Haggadah on Your PDA. Study the history of the Passover, read how to set up the table, navigate easily to any step of the Seder, sing and pray in Hebrew with English transliteration.

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Includes the History and Origins of the Passover,
Guide To Table Set-up,
Detailed Order of the Passover Seder,
Songs and Prayers in Hebrew with English Transliteration, Order of the Seder1. Kadeish (Blessings and the First Cup of Wine)
Ur''chatz (The washing of the hands)
Karpas (Dipping in salt water)
Yachatz (Breaking the middle matzah)
Magid (Retelling the Passover story)
Ha Lachma Anya (Invitation to the seder)
5.2 Mah Nishtanah (The four questions)
5.3 Avadeem HaYinu (We were slaves)
5.4 The Four Sons
5.5 V''hee She-Amdah
5.6 Aramee Oved Avi (Go and learn)
5.7 Eser Makot (The ten plagues)
5.8 Dayeinu (It would have been sufficient)
5.9 Kos Sheini (The Second Cup of Wine)
6. Rachtzah (Second washing of the hands)
Motzi (Blessing over the bread)
Matzo (Blessing over the matzo)
Maror (Bitter herb)
Koreich (Sandwich)
Shulchan Orech (The meal)
Tzafun (Eating of the afikoman)
Bareich (Grace after meals)
Kos Shlishi (The Third Cup of Wine)
13.2 Kos shel Eliyahu ha-Navi (Cup of Elijah the Prophet)
14. Hallel (Songs of praise and the Fourth Cup of Wine)
Kadeish (Blessings and the First Cup of Wine)
is Hebrew Imperative for Kiddush. This Kiddush is a special one for Passover, it refers to matzot and the Exodus from Egypt. To emphasize freedom and majesty, there is a custom of filling each other''s cups at the Seder table. The Kiddush is normally said by the father of the house.

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