An Introduction to Metal Matrix Composites

by T. W. Clyne, P. J. Withers

Series: Cambridge Solid State Science Series

Metal matrix composites constitute a new class of materials, now starting to make a major industrial impact in fields as diverse as aerospace, automotives and electronics. This book gives a comprehensive, integrated coverage of these materials, including the background to analytical-, experimental-, production and application-oriented aspects. Clear pictorial descriptions are given of the basic principles governing various properties and characteristics; these encompass mechanical, thermal, electrical, environmental and wear behaviour. Coverage also extends to material processing and component fabrication aspects and to a survey of commercial usage. This book is aimed primarily at scientists, engineers, production managers and all those involved in research on new materials in general, and metal matrix composites in particular, but may also be suitable for use as a text in beginning graduate and advanced undergraduate courses.

In The Press

"...provides a comprehensive introduction to this embryonic field of materials science through: an exposition of the properties and the microstructural characteristics of these materials, a discussion of the production processes for MMCs, and a presentation of some of the industrial applications of MMCs....It should be featured in the personal library of anyone who is actively involved in the field." Brian Thompson, Applied Mechanics Review