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Evidence-based Practice for Information Professionals: A Handbook
Facet Publishing (2004)
86,36 €

Examines to what extent the skills and techniques of evidence-based practice are transferable to the...

Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review
SAGE Publications (2016)
30,37 €

A technologically up-to-date and accessible introductory guide to doing literature reviews...

Investment Mathematics
Wiley (2003)
42,99 €

Investment Mathematics provides an introductory analysis of investments from a quantitative...

Policy Stability and Economic Growth – Lessons from the Great Recession: Lessons from the Great Recession
London Publishing Partnership (2016)
6,39 €

John Taylor is one of the foremost economists of our generation. His ideas were implemented in...

Who Hears in Shakespeare?: Shakespeare’s Auditory World, Stage and Screen

Who Hears in Shakespeare?

Shakespeare’s Auditory World, Stage and Screen

Laury Magnus, Walter W. Cannon and 12 more...
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (2011)
106,33 €

This volume examines the ways in which Shakespeare’s plays are designed for hearers as well as...

Sustainability in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies for Transformation

Sustainability in Higher Education

Stories and Strategies for Transformation

The MIT Press (2013)
32,37 €

Campus leaders describe how community colleges, publicly funded universities, and private liberal...

Food Colloids: Interactions, Microstructure and Processing

Food Colloids

Interactions, Microstructure and Processing

Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
178,43 €

Suitable for postgraduates and researchers this book provides essential new findings by experts in...

Protocells: Bridging Nonliving and Living Matter


Bridging Nonliving and Living Matter

Steen Rasmussen, Mark A. Bedau and 88 more...
The MIT Press (2008)
80,95 €

The first comprehensive general resource on state-of-the-art protocell research, describing current...