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Industrial Location: Principles, Practice and Policy

Industrial Location

Principles, Practice and Policy

Taylor and Francis (1995)
48,72 €

Location is vital to the efficiency and profitability of industrial activity. Industrial Location ...

Handbook on Geographies of Technology
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)
52,62 €

This Handbook offers an insightful and comprehensive overview from a geographic perspective of the...

Time-Space Compression: Historical Geographies

Time-Space Compression

Historical Geographies

Taylor and Francis (2008)
45,80 €

If geography is the study of how human beings are stretched over the earth’s surface, a vital part...

The Spatial Turn: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

The Spatial Turn

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Taylor and Francis (2008)
45,80 €

Across the disciplines, the study of space has undergone a profound and sustained transformation....

Service Worlds: People, Organisations, Technologies

Service Worlds

People, Organisations, Technologies

John Bryson, Peter Daniels and 1 more...
Taylor and Francis (2013)
43,85 €

As the twenty-first century begins, significant changes are occurring in the way that services and...

Revitalizing Electoral Geography
Taylor and Francis (2016)
43,85 €

Electoral Geography, the analysis of spatial patterns of voting, is undergoing a renaissance with...

Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State: Ongoing regulation, resistance and change

Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State

Ongoing regulation, resistance and change

Taylor and Francis (2017)
34,10 €

Though any psychoactive substance can be revered or reviled as a drug, as people’s cultural norms...

Geographies of the Internet
Taylor and Francis (2020)
36,06 €

This book offers a comprehensive overview of recent research on the internet, emphasizing its...

Political Landscapes of Donald Trump
Taylor and Francis (2020)
34,10 €

This book delves into the life and work of President Donald Trump, who is arguably the most famous...

Encyclopedia of Human Geography
SAGE Publications (2006)
157,85 €

The Encyclopedia of Human Geography offers a comprehensive overview of the major ideas, concepts,...