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Workshop Projects: Fixtures & Tools for a Successful Shop

Workshop Projects

Fixtures & Tools for a Successful Shop

Fox Chapel Publishing (2007)
17,50 €

Want the hardest-working shop on the block? The secret lies in streamlining the woodworking process...

The Archaeology of Engagement

Conflict and Revolution in the United States

Texas A&M University Press (2015)

When a historic battlefield site is discovered and studied, the focus is often on the “hardware”:...

The New England Life of Cartoonist Bob Montana: Beyond the Archie Comic Strip
Arcadia Publishing (2013)
17,84 €

The true story of the artist whose high school years in Massachusetts inspired Riverdale.   Bob...

Rush 2112

Rush 2112

Rush, Rush and 12 more...
Universal Music Enterprises (2012)
4,38 €

Rush's landmark album 2112 is expanded with new album art by Hugh Syme and the first ever complete...