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Industrial Conspiracies
The Floating Press (2012)
1,76 €

Before he gained notoriety as the lawyer who defended teenage murderers Leopold and Loeb, lawyer...

Crime: Its Cause and Treatment


Its Cause and Treatment

The Floating Press (2012)
4,42 €

True-crime fans and readers interested in the history of American jurisprudence should definitely...

In the Clutches of the Law: Clarence Darrow's Letters
University of California Press (2013)
88,56 €

This volume presents a selection of 500 letters by Clarence Darrow, the pre-eminent courtroom lawyer...

Andrews UK (2012)
2,65 €

A wonderfully comprehensive look at the subject of crime, written by American lawyer Clarence...

Autobiography of Mother Jones
Dover Publications (2012)
7,93 €

This important addition to labor and feminist literature speaks tirelessly and effectively on behalf...

Attorney for the Damned: Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom

Attorney for the Damned

Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom

The University of Chicago Press (2012)
18,89 €

Courtroom summations by “one of America’s greatest lawyers . . . this book is better than an entire...