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Alternative Economic Spaces
SAGE Publications (2003)
36,81 €

`A hopeful but nonetheless hard-hitting analysis of alternative economic spaces proliferating in the...

Measuring the Global Shadow Economy: The Prevalence of Informal Work and Labour

Measuring the Global Shadow Economy

The Prevalence of Informal Work and Labour

Edward Elgar Publishing (2016)
36,11 €

This book brings together two leading researchers in the field to provide a comprehensive overview...

Poverty and the Third Way
Taylor and Francis (2002)
36,43 €

What is poverty and how can it be tackled? Taking the Third Way out of its narrow party political...

Informal Employment in Advanced Economies: Implications for Work and Welfare
Taylor and Francis (1998)
47,93 €

Re-Placing Informal Employment challenges many of the popular myths surrounding informal economic...

Consumer Services and Economic Development
Taylor and Francis (1997)
47,93 €

Consumer Services have been viewed as parasitic activities, dependent on other sectors of the...

Informal Work in Developed Nations
Taylor and Francis (2009)
42,18 €

Almost everyone residing in a developed nation knows someone who has engaged in paid work that is...

The Role of Informal Economies in the Post-Soviet World: The End of Transition?
Taylor and Francis (2013)
42,18 €

Based on extensive ethnographic and quantitative research, conducted in Ukraine and Russia between...

Routledge Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
Taylor and Francis (2016)
38,34 €

The Routledge Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies is a landmark volume that...

Revitalising Deprived Urban Neighbourhoods: An Assisted Self-Help Approach
Taylor and Francis (2017)
42,18 €

Governments in Western Europe and North America have placed job creation initiatives at the heart of...

Entrepreneurship and the Shadow Economy
Edward Elgar Publishing (2016)
36,11 €

The shadow economy has become the focus of policy makers around the world. This timely book explores...