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Contaminated Land and its Reclamation
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
33,37 €

An authoritative treatment of each of the topics is ensured by the particular expertise and...

Environmental Impact of Power Generation
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
39,46 €

The wide-ranging subjects addressed in this book will contribute to the public understanding of...

Mining and its Environmental Impact
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
40,06 €

This first Issue in the series contains nine articles written by experts from the mining industry,...

Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control

Pollution (4th ed.)

Causes, Effects and Control

Roy Chester, David H Slater and 28 more...
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
60,19 €

The book has been widely adopted for teaching purposes at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
36,79 €

This book provides a detailed and wide-ranging review of the many aspects of risk assessment and...

Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
30,10 €

This book provides readers with in-depth, clearly explained coverage of the many complex scientific...

Waste Incineration and the Environment
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
30,10 €

This book places incineration in the context of other waste disposal options and examines the...

Waste Treatment and Disposal
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)
30,10 €

This book examines the environmental impact of sewage and industrial effluent treatment on inland...