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Traumatic Encounters in Italian Film
Intellect Books Ltd (2006)
39,27 €

Traumatic Encounters brings together film and psychoanalysis in an vibrantly original way. By fusing...

Sexual Difference in European Cinema: The Curse of Enjoyment
Palgrave Macmillan (2009)
75,04 €

What can film tell us about enjoyment and sexual difference? Can cinematic fiction be more Real than...

States of Crisis and Post-Capitalist Scenarios
Taylor and Francis (2017)
46,34 €

States of Crisis and Post-Capitalist Scenarios engages with the crisis of our capitalist world, with...

Zizek: Beyond Foucault
Palgrave Macmillan (2007)
83,47 €

This book brings together two of the most influential thinkers in critical theory. By unmasking...

Between Urban Topographies and Political Spaces: Threshold Experiences
Lexington Books (2014)
98,52 €

The term “threshold” captures the overlapping of inside and outside—well beyond the logic of...