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Unmet Need in Psychiatry: Problems, Resources, Responses

Unmet Need in Psychiatry

Problems, Resources, Responses

Cambridge University Press (2000)
85,68 €

This multi-disciplinary book addresses the worldwide problem of the equitable provision of mental...

Non-Representational Theory & Health: The Health in Life in Space-Time Revealing

Non-Representational Theory & Health

The Health in Life in Space-Time Revealing

Taylor and Francis (2018)
44,89 €

Non-representational theory is an academic approach that animates the active world; its...

Primary Health Care: People, Practice, Place
Taylor and Francis (2016)
47,14 €

Health care is constantly undergoing change and refinement resulting from the adoption of new...

Routledge Handbook of Health Geography
Taylor and Francis (2018)
185,25 €

The places of our daily life affect our health, well-being, and receipt of health care in complex...

Ageing and Place
Taylor and Francis (2004)
37,04 €

During recent years, an increasing amount of academic research has focused on older people with a...

Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music
Taylor and Francis (2016)
47,14 €

Unearthing the messy and sprawling interrelationships of place, wellbeing, and popular music, this...

Geographical Gerontology: Perspectives, Concepts, Approaches

Geographical Gerontology

Perspectives, Concepts, Approaches

Taylor and Francis (2017)
44,89 €

Understanding where ageing occurs, how it is experienced by different people in different places,...

Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder: Therapist guides and patient manual

Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder

Therapist guides and patient manual

OUP Oxford (2016)
33,10 €

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterised by excessive anxiety and worry about everyday...

Stress-Induced and Fear Circuitry Disorders: Refining the Research Agenda for DSM-V

Stress-Induced and Fear Circuitry Disorders

Refining the Research Agenda for DSM-V

American Psychiatric Publishing (2009)
64,82 €

Intended to contribute to DSM-V revisions regarding classification of these disorders,...

The Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: Clinician Guides and Patient Manuals

The Treatment of Anxiety Disorders (2nd ed.)

Clinician Guides and Patient Manuals

Gavin Andrews, Mark Creamer and 4 more...
Cambridge University Press (2002)
105,91 €

This completely revised 2002 edition provides a practical and tried framework to help build...