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The Call of the Wild Level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library
Oxford University Press (2012)
6,65 €

A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. Retold for Learners of English by Nick...

Jack London Stories of Adventure
Amigo Reader (2011)
0,00 €

Men of courage and valor, struggling to survive against the unforgiving elements - these are...

The Call of the Wild
The Floating Press (1906)
3,76 €

The Call of the Wild is Jack London's most popular book and is considered by many to be his...

White Fang
The Floating Press (1906)
3,76 €

Jack London's White Fang is the story of a wolf-dog's journey from wildness into becoming...

The Scarlet Plague
The Floating Press (1915)
3,80 €

It is the year 2072, sixty years on from the scarlet plague that decimated the earth's...

Call of The Wild, White Fang
Random House Publishing Group (2011)
5,02 €

The Call Of The Wild is the  story of Buck, a dog stolen from his home and thrust  into the...

The People of the Abyss
The Floating Press (1903)
3,80 €

The experiences related in this volume fell to me in the summer of 1902. I went down into the...

Jack London's Dog Stories Omnibus
Renaissance E Books (2004)
5,70 €

All Four Of London's Famed Dog Books In One eBook. Thrill to Call of the Wild, Jerry of the Islands,...

The Call of the Wild
NuVision Publications, LLC (2004)
3,80 €

The book begins in California, where a dog named Buck lives. He is kidnapped by the gardener and...

South Sea Tales
The Floating Press (1911)
3,80 €

Set sail for nautical adventure with Jack London, the author of the action/adventure classic Call of...