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Craniofacial Biology and Craniofacial Surgery
World Scientific Publishing Company (2010)
76,96 €

This book is unique. It deals primarily with and brings together a wide-ranging group of essays...

The Idea of the American University
Lexington Books (2010)
96,99 €

As John Henry Newman reflected on 'The Idea of a University' more than a century and a half ago,...

The Economics of Philanthropy: Donations and Fundraising

The Economics of Philanthropy

Donations and Fundraising

Kimberley Scharf, Mirco Tonin and 21 more...
The MIT Press (2018)
33,73 €

Experts bring economic tools to bear on philanthropic activities, addressing topics that range from...

Scene Vision: Making Sense of What We See

Scene Vision

Making Sense of What We See

Kestutis Kveraga, Moshe Bar and 31 more...
The MIT Press (2014)
66,41 €

Cutting-edge research on the visual cognition of scenes, covering issues that include spatial...

Religion, Culture, and International Conflict: A Conversation
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2005)
43,75 €

A growing international recognition and concern about the consequences of religious faith and its...

Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
The MIT Press (2008)
210,84 €

The second edition of an essential resource to the evolving field of developmental cognitive...

The Cognitive Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2014)
210,84 €

The fifth edition of a work that defines the field of cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new...